Hive Active Heating Multi zone

Thermostat Only, No Installation
Old price: £99.00
Manufacturer: Hive
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  • Heating Schedules – Set up to 6 daily time slots in each zone
  • Heating Boost – For up to six hours
  • Child Lock – Put a pin lock on your app or thermostat so children can’t tamper with it
  • Save Money - No need to heat your whole home, just heat the zone you need
  • Automatic Frost Protection – Helps prevent frozen pipes

Product Description

Hive Active Heating Multizone is designed for when you have more than one heating zone in your home. For example, if you have a thermostat upstairs and another one downstairs you have a zonal heating system. If you decide to purchase Hive Active Heating for the first zone, you can then upgrade to Hive Active Heating Multizone for the extra heating zones in your home. The Hive Active Heating Multizone kit contains the thermostat and receiver, as the Hive Hub is included with Hive Active Heating. With geolocation, you can set up heating notifications when you leave or return home and when you’re on holiday, you can tell Hive your holiday dates and come back to a warm home. With a zonal heating system, each individual thermostat you have enables you to set a different temperature in each zone. This means that you could have a hotter temperature in one area and a cooler temperature in another, helping you to save energy because you can heat separate parts of your home rather than the whole house. Hive supports wet underfloor heating systems but does not currently support electric underfloor systems. The heat produced from underfloor heating ensures an even distribution of heat in rooms, so it is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home.

Box Contains

1 x Hive Active Heating thermostat
1 x Receiver
4 x AA alkaline batteries
1 x Wall fixings