Hive Active Plug

Silver, 1 Pack
Old price: £39.00
Manufacturer: Hive
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  • Simple Installation - Simply plug it into your wall socket and then plug appliances into it as normal
  • Easy to Control - The Hive App allows you to easily check and manage your appliances wherever you are
  • Schedule Setting - Set up to 6 time slots a day through your Hive App
  • Peace of Mind - Switch appliances off from your phone so you no longer need to worry whether you've left them on
  • Maximum Flexibility - Ability to also turn the plug on and off manually using the button on the front

With the Hive Plug, you can control your home electrical appliances from your smartphone, tablet or laptop once you’ve installed it into your home. You’ll never have to worry again about whether you’ve left certain appliances on. With the Hive Active Plug, you can easily switch them off from your phone no matter where you are. You can also set up to 6 on/off time slots a day. So, if you’re going away, you can switch your lamp on and off as if you’re still at home just to give you that peace of mind. Just pair your Smart Plug with the Hive Hub and add your plug device on the Hive app. Please note that this product requires the Hive Hub, an Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or higher, or a device running min 4.4 Android. The app can also be used on a laptop or tablet with internet access The plug requires the Hive Hub (if you don’t have Hive Active heating) which connects all your Hive devices so you can easily control them with the Hive app.