Philips hue Fair suspension light

[Energy Class A+]
Manufacturer: Philips
More information
  • Designer Lighting for your home with Smart controls - control your lights from the comfort of your sofa with the Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch (included)
  • Light for your health and well being - Pre-set light settings on the Hue Dimmer Switch to help your kid to Concentrate, for you to Energize, for your family to Read and Relax. Designed especially for Living Room,bedroom and kitchen
  • Installation free Dimming - Turn your lights on/off, dim up/dim down your light with the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch. Change from cosy Warm White light (2200K) to bright Cool White (3000K) light.
  • Future proof system - easily upgrade to a Smart Home with a Philips Hue bridge and control your light with your iOS and Android devices
  • Turn on your peace of mind - control your lights from anywhere any time when connected with a Philips Hue bridge (sold separately)