Philips Hue Smart Button

with Wireless Control, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant [Energy Class A++]
Manufacturer: Philips
More information
  • What's Required? - This product requires the 'Philips Hue Bridge' (sold separately) for initial setup.
  • Installation-Free Control - Mount or stick the smart button wall plate anywhere in your home and enjoy installation-free smart lighting control.
  • Portable Smart Button - Take the portable magnetic button off the wall plate and control your smart lights from anywhere in your home with a simple tap of the button.
  • Multi-Room Control - Control multiple rooms with a click of the smart button. With the smart button mounted by the front door, ensure all of your smart lights are turned off when you leave the house.
  • Personalise Light for Different Times Of The Day - With customised light settings assigned to different times of the day, you can match your smart button clicks to your natural rhythms.

The Wireless Philips Hue Smart Button allows you to personalise your lights in multiple rooms with a click of the button. Turn all of your smart lights on or off when you enter or leave your house. Or personalise the type of light you want at different times of the day through the Philips Hue app. With the Philips Hue Smart Button’s cableless wall plate and button mini-mount, the portable magnetic button can be used to control your lights anywhere in your house.