tado° Smart Thermostat - Multi-Room Control Starter Kit V3+

includes 2x Add-on Smart Radiator Thermostat (Vertical Mounting), Easy DIY Installation
Manufacturer: tado
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  • Always enjoy the ideal temperature in any room with the Smart Schedule and keep a healthy climate at home
  • Control your heating from anywhere with the tado° app, reduce your energy consumption and save money with the help of Intelligent Skills
  • Never heat when windows are open or when nobody’s at home. tado° notifies you if a window has been opened and when everyone has left the house - simply turn off the heating with one click
  • For even more comfort you can automate Open Window Detection and Geofencing (available in-app, £2.99/month, £24.99/year, cancel anytime)
  • Replaces an existing wired thermostat on a combi boiler (i.e. no hot water tank). tado° is compatible with almost all central heating systems. Additionally including 2x Smart Radiator Thermostat [Vertical Mounting] for Multi-Room Control

tado° Smart Thermostat - Multi-Room Control Starter Kit V3+, includes 2x Add-on Smart Radiator Thermostat

The smart way to control your heating. tado° is your Climate Assistant that ensures a comfortable & healthy climate, whilst considerably reducing your energy consumption.The intuitive smartphone app and smart home integrations enable you to control your heating from anywhere and more efficiently than ever before. Simply replace the existing thermostat controlling, whether connected to the boiler or underfloor-heating, with the Smart Thermostat from tado°. The two additional tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats allow you to control individual radiators in the same room, or individual rooms. Combine central and individual room radiator control for maximum efficiency.

With the help of its smart Skills tado° makes it easy to control your heating:

  • Geofencing* notifies you when everyone has left the house
  • - Open Window Detection* notifies you when a window has been opened
  • - Weather Adaptation integrates the weather forecast to save energy
  • - Reports Statistics & Reports display temperature & humidity profiles, heating activity, and energy savings.
  • - Smart Schedule: Set individual schedules for each room
  • - Frost protection ensures that your heating system stays protected as temperatures d